Our line-up

Aura poster flyer Cannes A4

Aura written by Jane Foster – UK/US – Sci-fi Conspiracy Thriller with an eco/spiritual dimension – English – 2014 – Development – www.23-films.com

No Go written by Susie Farrell – UK – Irish Thriller Drama set against the emerging rave and techno-music culture of the early 90s – English 2014 – Development

The Legend of the Monkey Children by Jacques-Yves Mistretta and Emilia Henriques Da Silva – UK/India – Family Fantasy where 6 lost children find solace in a monkey worshipping temple in India – English/Hindi – 2014/2015 – Development

Sketch written by Jo Ho – UK/US – Family Fantasy where a young boy’s imaginary world comes to life on Halloween, for the better and for the worse –English 2015 – Development

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